By running as an independent, are you promoting a third party or ideology? Do you see yourself as a spoiler?

No. I am not promoting a third party or ideology. I run as an independent so that I will not be bound by any party rules, which prevent me from collaborating and making compromises with other lawmakers when appropriate to advance any legislative agenda that could bring about progress for the American people.

You have not held any public office before, what makes you think you are qualified to run for a seat in the U.S. Senate?

There are quite a few lawmakers who have been elected to offices without having prior experience in legislation work or holding any prior public office. The primary task of elected officials is to make laws according to the will of the people who elect them into office.  Moreover, I have first-hand experiences in several areas that most sitting Senators do not have. Namely, being an immigrant, having suffered under a communist regime, and having lived under a universal medical care system. We see both sides attacking each other when dealing with immigration reform, health care, promoting fear of communism but none of them has such first-hand experience. They simply know the issues on paper. I truly believe I am more qualified to address these issues that our nation is facing now.

Running as an independent means you have no backup from any major political party, how are you going to cope with the funds needed for the campaign?

Money and big PAC sponsors are important. But I think, and strongly believe, that the will of American people is far more important. A billionaire without the support of the American people will not necessarily emerge as a winner. On the contrary, if the people of Florida have faith in me as you have shown when I met many of you in person from all walks of life, sharing an in-depth understanding of your day-to-day struggles, I feel confident joining the race knowing that I have your support. If the people of Florida choose to support my candidacy then a $5 donation from each supporter will help me go a long way in this race. I believe together we will make history to elect a people's person to the U.S. Senate.

Who do you think will be the main opponent that you have to defeat? Senator Marco Rubio or the would-be Democrat candidate?

First, I want to emphasize that I will run this campaign much differently than previous campaigns that Floridians - and Americans – have seen. Second, I do not see any candidate as my opponents. I believe in their good intention when they join this race. As candidates, we may have different views and at times very opposing views. But that does not mean that I have to consider them as my opponents. I just see them as other candidates, presenting different choices for the American people to choose from. The choice ultimately rests with the people of Florida.

It is extremely rare for independent candidates to win. What makes you think you could win?

The people of Florida are having enough of partisan fights and Washington gridlocks. In addition, 27% of Florida voters are independent and they have been sidelined from the national discourse and have no say in primary elections. I believe most independent voters and moderate voters from both sides will have the opportunity to join my campaign to advance the interests of the American people and America’s standing in the world.

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